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What A Difference A Year Makes

It has been almost a year since I traveled down south with the family to start a new adventure. It was a perfect alignment of the ‘stars’ for me, as they say. Having enjoyed my product development & management stint at Astro, it was time to really focus on being a product owner, in the commercial sense. At the same time, Telstra’s near-full acquisition of Ooyala became the vital piece of a puzzle to develop its trajectory from merely being a platform provider for media companies to a fully-managed media services provider. A B2B service provider. And they really needed people.

It was interesting to note that this meant the role up for grabs was that of a Solution Manager, not just a product manager. This would mean the challenge of managing multiple products. Looking back, I couldn’t be happier. In my current stint, it’s been an amazing, educational ride for me as I expand my horizons each day, developing my dream B2B solution for customers who want to play in the Online Video space.

My current job involves putting Pay TV content into this device, for your enjoyment.

My current job involves putting Pay TV content into this device, for your enjoyment.

In the STARS portfolio acronym, you could define companies (or products) in stages like Start-up, Turnaround, Accelerated Growth and Re-alignment. You always want to be in a company that is an A – a company on accelerated growth trajectory with morale on par with the company’s growth trajectory. And this was where Telstra was after David Thodey had guided it from the R phase successfully.

Being part of a team where the portfolio includes Connected Stadiums, Digital Marketing, Smart Camps, Professional Media, Media Networks and even Content & Advertising partnerships was a Dream Team for a budding Online Video team (just the three of us to begin with) to be part of. The exposure to these other forms of media experiences helped guide our perspectives each week when we got together.

But the small Online Video Solution team had a long way to go. We had to engage with vendors – our partners as we called them. We had to write our business documents to formulate what our business case would be. And we then had to define the solution for stakeholders to understand what our product would be or how it could be sold, plus to whom. Finally, in May, our public launch in Australia was a first and proud milestone. Telstra’s Online Video Solution offers Brands and Enterprises a way to upload, manage and publish video content, with bundled CDN offerings and even an add-on for Live Event streaming to provide a complete, end-to-end solution. All you need is a website and a place to embed our free HTML5 video player.

To know more about what I’m currently doing, just visit our official pager here.