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When TVs are Smarter than Content Aggregators

As if their struggles weren’t enough, apparently it’s now going to be even harder for half the world’s population over fifty to win the battle against obesity. That’s because the new generation of Smart TV’s certainly haven’t made their job easier. Chief weight-loss adversaries include the Samsung L8000, which offers a multitude of Apps and richness in content delivery. Plus, cool Social TV interaction. I had a chance to sample its goodness when we got one in the office recently. Cool apps like Skype (must use with the Freetalk camera) make it great to use for video conferences or virtual classrooms but I also had a chance to sample the app provided by our local newspaper The Star (to see if I could avoid buying a paper copy from now on). No luck. Either the feeds went down or they intentionally want their app’s articles to just have a little more text than the headlines. Okay, maybe they want you to pay for it but it was never made explicit. The app was a tease, plain and simple, with no effort by the app owners to really provide a freshness and low-hanging fruit to port over to either the sale of a full digital copy or in-app purchase to full version.

Granted, it is probably easier to monetize video content on Connected TVs than other OTT solutions like tablets or the PC. And broadcast operators have it easier. The Netflix App is straightforward and delivers the same content. Non-broadcast media companies will find more challenges getting their Apps to be adopted and to monetize what is essentially still a new platform for them.Still, is this for a want of trying? If you can’t make a decent proposition on a Smart TV, don’t. Find a strategy or avoid the space and the hit to your reputation from a dead app. Given that app stores are getting noisier, you’ll just be adding to that. So get a product managers now and give him/her a mandate to make Connected TVs more compelling to a paying audience.

And once you do, avoid partnering up with Weight Loss centres. That’ll be a losing business for sure.