So Was I Right? – Closing 2010 Predictions

Did she or didn't she go mainstream?

Looking back at my original post a year ago, I made 4 predictions for New Media direction. I got a few scoffs at work and bets on future lunches were made. Let’s see if it all worked out.

1. Twitter Will Explode

And how. The flurry of news came in just in December 2010 when Twitter secured USD200 million of new investment, valuing the company at USD3.7 billion.  On top of Twitter’s current traffic of 3 billion API calls a day, also broke the 100 million unique visitors mark. Imagine its uniques if the various Twitter clients are factored in. Suffice to say, I think I’m right and a few people owe me lunch for betting against my word.

2. Content Charging Will Not Be a Pot Of Gold

Free content was the genie in the bottle for web content aggregating companies. The trouble was, how do your put that damn genie back in once they’ve rubbed the lamp for free too many times. Rupert Murdoch stated that ad monetization wasn’t sustainable and wanted content charging to happen in 2010 but that wasn’t to be. However, 2011 looks likely thanks to Apple’s announcement of a subscription service for content-related apps in its Apps Store. I’ve been saying to everyone that this is a game-changer and 2011 will start seeing media companies finally start to put that genie back in the bottle.

3. Mobile Video Viewing Will Rise Steeply (but not explode)

According to a Cisco Visual Networking Index, global mobile video views to YouTube tripled in 2010 to 200 million. This was by Google’s own admission. It can’t be anything to do with iPhone right? Of course it does. Enough said.

4. Olivia Munn Will Crossover To Mainstream TV

Well okay, that hasn’t happened yet for a lead role. But her cameo-ish appearances in Chuck and Accidentally On Purpose does qualify so we can break even on that, I reckon! Her movie career isn’t looking too bad either so good luck to our web wonder. Here’s to more success to her than Justin Bieber.

Time for new predictions in 2011. Stay tuned.


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Passionate about all things related to OTT Video and technology. Currently managing HOOQ Singapore.

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