Apple TV Review

48 hours ago my colleague at work was telling me that Apple TV had the best CUI of any connected TV. I disagreed.

44 hours later I decided he was right after all.

It’s been almost two days since I unwrapped my Apple TV and plugged it into my 42-inch TV. I had seen it in my CTO’s office a few months ago and was impressed enough to want one. Seeing it a second time was a chance to discover why my initial excitement was still valid and why I’m getting more and more impressed with Apple TV as I delve deeper into it.

First and foremost, Apple TV has an excellent content selection. Just as importantly, it doesn’t enter into grand designs or fancy UIs like PS3 does. It’s minimalist approach allows navigation to be the experience that consumers want. And that to me is great design in itself. Even the categories are smart yet sensible – check out the section in movies called Women Who Kick Derriere.

Even my mother in-law – who’s usually unfazed by technological innovation – stood up and took noticed as I browsed around with a remote several times smaller and lighter than my Pay TV remote. Yet I was able to move seamlessly between categories like movies, TV shows. podcasts and countless radio stations. All this on a measley 1.2 Mbps broadband connection.

Mind you, I still think PS3 has great customization options and that simply isn’t available with Apple TV. But I guess it’s all about focus and Jobs always knows what he wants. In Apple TV that largely shows that he knows what you want too.


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Passionate about all things related to OTT Video and technology. Currently managing HOOQ Singapore.

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