Ripples in a growing pond

I’ve had my fair share of Web TV successes. But for years I often thought about and wondered if I could ever get into IPTV, the area I really wanted to be in. When I joined Astro I didn’t even focus on that but things slowly started opening up. Today, I’m knee deep in Astro’s IPTV roll-out with our partner TIME dotCom Bhd. Working with the various departments is a great joy as we slowly but surely craft our highly-anticipated service. Certainly, working with some of my engineering colleagues has taught me so much.

As I’ve enthused in previous posts, the connected TV is where the future of entertainment lies. It’s success is down to the type of business model chosen. There’s the Apple TV streaming VOD on a pay-per-view basis or there’s the Google TV search-ready version.

Or you can be a pay-TV operator and offer your linear channels and a movie library. Our competitor TM made the move over a year ago but I believe Astro’s foray will set a new benchmark.

If you don’t think second-movers can be success stories then obviously you’ve forgotten about Google itself.

For official news on Astro’s venture simply visit here.


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Passionate about all things related to OTT Video and technology. Currently managing HOOQ Singapore.

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