Google TV’s Amazing Proposition

These are exciting times to be in. The mother of all tech mergers is finally taking off in what will be known in history as the year when the internet officially married the TV. 2010 has seen Google TV’s launch announcement hot on the heels after the arrival of Apple TV. Both bring content from the web straight to the TV. The two giants going head-to-head will bring the best innovation we’ve seen for a while.

Google, in particular, is making waves with its ability to aggregate search-based content on a TV screen. Like Google’s video says :“If the web is so smart and our TVs are so fun to watch, why do we have to choose?”

For sure, Apple TV had a premature start in 2006 before coming to a stuttering halt. Sony Playstation 3 actually made a better start with a fully functioning media centre and a real threat to Apple itself. With the PS3, one could easily store – and later play – photos, videos as well as the games. Plus, it was Blu-ray to boot. The real starter was its built-in browser which allowed me to shift from the game Endwar to watching a YouTube video posted by some fans, to then watch a recent photo album. I could stream content from my P1 wireless modem directly to my PS3 console. Somehow, everything seemed in a silo. Only the browser and the Playstation Store (and networked gaming) was web connected.

However, Apple TV has come back with a vengeance this year, providing rental streaming service on a smaller device. With support from Netflix, customers can browse the iTunes store for thousands of movies or TV episodes.

Right now, Google TV is stealing more of the limelight as more and more manufacturers and application providers partner up with them. A unified search bar allowing search of all TV and web content available, coupled with a personal homepage and YouTube Leanback, make for powerful viewing. Better still, I like how I can attach the Logitech Revue Box and turn any other HDTV into the Google TV experience.

The excitement I’m feeling is tremendous, particularly that I’m involved in a similar project at Astro, that’s due to be launched soon. These are truly amazing times to be in; almost like the birth of TV all over again.


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Passionate about all things related to OTT Video and technology. Currently managing HOOQ Singapore.

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