Making History Yet Again

It’s been a proud moment amidst the World Cup tournament as Astro is finally getting a fair bit of notice, not only by the media, but by the trade as well. Never before has any country in Asia been able to stream the World Cup live on web and mobile platforms simultaneously for all 64 matches. And we’re only the second in Asia to stream all live on the web.

I guess 2010 has been the perfect year for it, thanks to the emergence of some new technologies and the maturation of others. In the former, the growth of Conviva as a monitoring tool for live or VOD streaming with granular detail has served us well by allowing us to understand the consumer and potentially even engage with them if they faced a problem.

Our maiden effort with Irdeto has seen us deploy a Silverlight player – known as Astro B.player – that features the SmoothStreaming adaptive bit-rate technology that will help audiences so much more in their viewing experiences.

Then there are the usual things that make for essential Live Streaming success: a good CDN, trusted encoders and a web team to put it all in. Powering it in the middle is my Content Hub team. It’s not an easy task to launch a team almost from scratch but the sweat and toil was worth it. Even as I write this, nine editors and video publishers are hard at work pulling in live footage from two matches (playing concurrently, mind you) and pushing out highlight clips quickly to web and 3G mobile.

They are backed up by a daytime team of web producers and overseen by me. The great thing is that they’ve managed to be trained in a short time and picked up new skills as they go, and contributing individually to some excellent team camaraderie.

For the full OnScreen article of Astro’s success, you can read it right here.


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