Retreats really move you forward, right?

I’m really enjoying the key learnings from our divisional retreat a couple of months back. We had some amazing leadership instruction, camaraderie and bonding which also led me to win the CTO’s John Logie Baird award was for ‘displaying leadership potential’ during the 3 days we ‘huddled’ together.

I was really surprised to win it but I did do my best to stand out and let my voice be heard. However, I felt even more privileged to learn about the McKinney Rogers way of mission leadership, a management philosophy that draws heavily from military parallels. Von Clausewitz’s theory of friction is one of the drivers behind this philosophy.

At its heart, the McKinney way sets simple, clear rules that can cascade down all levels of management, even to the lowest ranking executive. Everyone knows their goals, tasks and dependencies and can link it back to their direct superior’s goals. And, ultimately, the company’s goals too.

Having been on a few, this was undoubtedly THE best retreat I ever had and I was grateful to receive the award, particularly from my inspiring CTO Paul Dale. However, the real prize is being surrounded by some of the most gifted broadcast professionals, something I truly treasure each day at work.


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