New Media Predictions For 2010

With so much going on the past few months I’ve had some time now to think about where 2010 is heading. A lot has been said about Rupert Murdoch’s attempt to charge for online content as well as the ascent of mobile advertising. Even the rise of Twitter. There are naysayers and there are soothesayers, there are so-called prophets and there are wild-predictors. I don’t plan to be any of them. I’m just going to call the predictions as I see them and the rest of the year is going to judge me on it.

Here is my list for 2010’s Beyond The Thermocline predictions:

1. Twitter Will Explode
If you think Facebook has been getting all the hype, don’t ignore Twitter. Over a hundred tools have emerged that are taking Twitter to places involving advertising, coupons, all sorts of topical and functional tracking lists and much more. The increasing number of mobile clients are also making it the de facto micro blogging tool for netizens worldwide. It’s impossible to estimate the number of Twitter users (only Twitter HQ knows it and they ain’t telling) but the last estimate is 44 million unique visitors in June alone, just on the website. We know less than half of total users visit so the traffic stats are gargantuam.

2. Content Charging Will Not Be A Pot Of Gold
Rupert Murdoch can get all the muscle he wants behind his content-charging consortium, but the media mogul is going to be defeated by the very people he relies on – audiences. That’s right, audiences. Murdoch may be right in saying that there’s not enough ad revenue to go around for all online publishers. But that just means some online sites have to go under. It’s not being nice. It’s law of the jungle and Murdoch knows all about it. Which is more than he knows about content. By the way, aside from Malaysiakini, I don’t think content publishers here have a chance in hell too of selling subscription too. That’s us Malaysians for you.

3. Mobile Video Viewing Will Rise Steeply (but not explode)
Spurred by safe, integrated billing options with the mobile telcos, consumers are going to embrace more made-for-mobile content or repurposed content for mobile consumption. People are on the go and there are major events not to be missed. Namely the World Cup. There will be a need for content that are just more than highlights or news-flashes. Broadcasters are already seeing this opportunity and telcos will be at their back and call. By the way, I’m not talking about YouTube for mobile here. I mean REAL made-for-mobile content, folks.

4. Olivia Munn Will Crossover To Mainstream TV
Okay, I got you guys with this one! I’m only half-joking here but as this blog’s all about new media and entertainment, think there’s potential for this to happen. I’m not the only one wishing for it but it’s time to see this talented lass take on more platforms to showcase her talent. Hey, Sasha Grey went from porn to mainstream, right?

Those are my 3 predictions but I’ll be happy to be right on at least 2 of the above. Sorry, number 4 doesn’t count, okay?


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Passionate about all things related to OTT Video and technology. Currently managing HOOQ Singapore.

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