Pioneering Moments Again

Almost the same time from two years ago. Almost the same launch mechanics. But a different platform and a different company to achieve it in.

That about sums up my experience of launching Malaysia’s first made-for-mobile drama series. The difference to just launching an online drama series was huge. There was so much to consider about how to make our platform engaging to users from an experiential point-of-view. There were so many devices to plan for and options of delivery to consider.

Dimensions was not a project I executive produced. But having delved into it at the post-production stage I learnt just how challenging it was to create mobile dramas. The screen. The streaming technology we used. Dealing with the iPhone separately. And I got to immerse myself more in New Media then I thought I would, with a huge learning curve that I’m absolutely enjoying.

I’m at Astro now where I oversee the company’s new media video operations. The team experience has been great. There’s a sense of ‘bigness’ in this broadcaster that adds a dimension to my work (pun not intended). Our new media team is more experienced and works off Mac Pros. We use a Final Cut Pro platform so the best thing is that I got back to using a great editing tool that I missed.

And working on the post aspects of Dimensions allowed me to see how Astro builds its massive mobile platform for Malaysian consumers. This is somewhat easier due to its strategic partnership with leading telco and sister company Maxis.

Part of what makes the experience better is proper encoding settings when video files are prepared for mobile. With the various platforms I’ve gained an enormous understanding of handset technology and what’s required to deliver video. It’s not as simple as preparing wallpapers. But this is where media consumption is headed.

Finally, the launch went great with many old friends reunited on the day. Plenty of media were around to check out what we had to say. I remember launching Kerana Karina 2 years ago. It just seems like deja vu all over again. For all the good reasons.


About Michael

Passionate about all things related to OTT Video and technology. Currently managing HOOQ Singapore.

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