One Super Gig

Here’s one of the biggest tests of our portal so far. With around 8 million page hits a month, over 200,000 video views and nearly 100,000 members, could we launch a free concert and really rock it to the crowd?

The concert in mind was Guamuzik Supergig 2008, which of course, was to launch our Guamuzik downloads portal. Guamuzik was yet another launch we had some time ago to the trade. However, we really wanted to do an official public launch. And what better way to do it then organize our own concert?

With a bunch of artistes and just three weeks to organize the concert and the promotional material, let alone run all the ads, we still managed to get crowd of about 4,000 in the end. TV3 helped us record the show live and my team got busy doing the super special episode for our program ‘Backstage’. For once, we got a show that we could call our own and we literally called the shots. No one else to share space with.

Supergig was indeed a super night. Many of us got to chat and catch-up with other artistes that came along. I caught up with Sari Yanti, the unofficial face of Gua.

The work for the concert wasn’t done when it ended. While TV3 were also going to edit the program, my team was tasked to create a concise version for 8TV, with a one-hour running time.

With all the other weekly shows we have to do, this alone will take time to get ready. Plus, we had to cover another Jom Heboh carnival immediately after and produce a special for Randommania. But the best thing about guiding a team from scratch is that the trust is there. My video team peeps can get any job done (save for ‘live’ shows) and when cruchtime comes, they’re up to the task.


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Passionate about all things related to OTT Video and technology. Currently managing HOOQ Singapore.

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