Kerana Karina 2 Launch: The Bold & The Beautiful

This was a proud week for me. The fact that Kerana Karina, the drama series I conceptualized actually aired a second season! AND, it even got itself a major sponsor for seasons 2 and 3, officially making the program highly profitable even after all 3 season costs were deducted.

We had launched earlier at the rather trendy Bijou in Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur. The press turnout was great and the first two episodes (which we previewed) were well received. The restaurant was a tad smaller than I would have liked but I had a chance to catch up with colleagues I hadn’t seen for a bit while the PC went on.

We also launched the DVD for the first season, another piece of monetization for the program I’m proud of.

Finally, Kerana Karina 2 will concurrently air on Maxis 3G mobile due to its popular demand and this wraps up the tri-fold strategy I was able to achieve: Web sponsorship, DVD retail and 3G Mobile.

With all the fanfare now over, minor changes still need to be made to coming episodes. The director, Aidil, has done a fantastic job in building on the ‘look and feel’ and the show does look ‘bigger’. But production values aside, the episodic cliffhangers could be tightened up. The loyal viewers may not mind so much but we need more of the suspenseful feel to keep newcomers engaged. Aidil’s been a bit flippant about the editing and also seems to be caught up in the glamour to find time to re-visit the editing suite.

I guess it’s time to exercise the producer’s right to Final Cut. As a director myself, I clearly see that business must take over artistic precedence. While I never saw it in my earlier days, the fact that we’re still running a start-up means we can take business lightly.


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