An Ending And A Beginning

We wrapped shooting on Kerana Karina just over 24 hours ago. The final scene was at Lourdes Hospital off Jalan Ipoh and everyone was in an upbeat mood. We immediately sat down for supper next door and Aidil was alreay wowing us with a rough cut of Episode 1 from his MacBook Pro.

There’s a good vibe about the whole thing and we’ll be launching soon. I’ve calculated that our other series Jelma will break the 1 million video view mark. So I’ve told everyone that we must hit at least 1.2 million. Of course, everyone’s ecstatic and confident that it will.

Amazingly, while we had a good team for the first season we had an even better one this time around. Which goes to show that while it takes great effort to improve on a previous success it really puts a show in good stead. Audiences will alway hope for ‘New & Improved’ while expecting more of the same. They instinctively embrace this both visually and narrative-wise. I feel we’ve achieved it this time.

The female cast, Sazzy, Chelsia and Marsha tell me excitedly of something they wanna pitch to me. ‘After the launch on Wednesday afternoon,’ I tell them. ‘Okay, okay’, they coo, almost unable to contain their excitement.

Speaking of which, the launch is just around the corner too…


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