Guamuzik Launches In A Big Way

I’m really excited about the launch of Guamuzik. It was a flawless, hectic, fun-filled launch where I caught up with Pete Teo, and old friend and singer-songwriter I’m truly a fan off. Guamuzik is our attempt to launch a music-download portal in a big way and to promote the scene further.

There’s little involvement in the actual CMS or content creation of the portal. The former is handled by our third-party partner Nu-Muzik. The latter is sourced for by Nu-Muzik but it’s where I hope to be more active and to help add more contacts from the local indie or dance scene.

The real involvement is in putting my new idea and program in the permanent video player on the Guamuzik homepage. I’ve often felt that we needed a music-based program and simply called it Backstage.

Well, it’s going to be a reality soon and we’ve already got programs lined up. Of course, that didn’t stop me from relentlessly sourcing for more ideas and when Pete and I caught up post-launch we eagerly chatted about two new things he was involved in. First was his Unity project, an ensemble song and music video that he was personally producing. The GUA team was going to be the first to go behind-the-scenes and get a look at the making of it (okay, so this was going to go to our sister show ‘Behind-The-Scenes’ but so what). Second was the opportunity to get the online exclusive rights to his upcoming tour of Korea. Now that would go perfectly into ‘Backstage’.

That night I event bumped into the talented frontman for local indie group Hypercubes. I decided to repark my car and saw Neo on my way back. Next thing I knew, I had his latest album in the car and already waiting to get a deal for a ‘Backstage’ with his group.

There are plenty more old friends that I can finally get to see on Guamuzik and hopefully, see them get new fans and earn more money for their music. That’s the spirit of Guamuzik. And ‘Backstage’ looks set to have a fun-filled life.


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