When An Idea Pays Off

I almost forgot to update on the fact that it’s been two weeks since Alt Media (the corporate name for our New Media arm) got one of its biggest coups. Kerana Karina, the drama I conceived and executive produced (yup, my first big producing effort) reached another milestone. Japanese cosmetics brand Kao Laurier has signed on to sponsor the drama for seasons 2 and 3 for a hefty six figure deal.

The deal will involve some ATL involvement to promote a contest, but most of it will be BTL work. This includes microsite advertising, episode pre-rolls and post-rolls, POS and an on-ground campaign for the aforementioned contest. No product placment.

Kudos has to go to Amy Oh, who secured the deal with relentless selling. However, Zul and I early one remarked how it was a huge seal of approval to have a major advertiser commit to KK. It shows that our investment in the show has won its return in spades and will serve as an example for other dramas to follow.

What makes me feel great is that nine months ago KK was indeed an outline on a piece of paper discussed in a meeting. It’s testament to the magic of filmmaking that ideas can literally come to life and attract a community of fans and, even drive commercial revenue as the icing on the cake. If this is the business of showbiz than I’m loving every minute of it.

Amy’s been saying to me: ‘Selling KK to the client was the easy part. Now we gotta deliver!’. I’m optimistic that season 2 will start of bigger.

And I can’t wait for shooting to begin later this month.


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