Digital Rewards In The Making

With the cast and crew of Kerana Karina Malaysia’s first online drama series which I conceptualised

With the CEO of TV3, Dato Seri Farid Ridzuan after executive producing the online behind-the-scenes special for Anugerah Juara Lagu 2008, the national singing awards show. It is the highest rated program in the country. We’re both looking pretty jaded at the after party

The New Years have come and gone. Roman. Muslim. Hindu. Chinese. I finally feel as if a new beginning is going to take place. And for the next 10 months it is really a test of our strengths as a company.

Let’s backtrack a bit to give you the full story. I joined media conglomerate Media Prima on the 1st of June, 2007. That was nine months ago. In our beta year, we launched a whole new subsidiary within the group that was dedicated to managing the group’s four TV network portals and a new lifestyle portal for the purposes of creating a new advertising platform for the group. This is where future revenue will stream to.

The second part of our dual strategy is to ease our dependence on advertising dollars and create new opportunities in consumer subscription of our services. Yes, most people call it VOD. Better still, we’re going to package our services into long-term, month-based subscription. That’s our task in the subsidiary too.

The head of our subsidiary, known as Alt Media, is none other than Abdul Rahman Ahmad, the brilliant and young Group Managing Director of Media Prima itself. I report to M. Zulkifl, the General Manager for the Lifestyle Portal. The portal itself is known to the Malaysian trade and public as GUA at

We’ve come a long way since 1 June, when only a handfull of us were in place. Today, we number more than 50. Here’s a look back at our highlights:

July 2007 – We had a trade launch at the One World Hotel. Typical Media Prima style: big, classy and well-attended. Everyone wanted to know how we were gonna do it.

September 2007 – The media launch for GUA. It was big for us and it was also the day we went LIVE to the public. Not as as huge as the trade launch but we got plenty of publicity alongside our advertising campaign.

October 2007 – The launch of Malaysia’s first online drama series Kerana Karina (on GUA). It was history in the making and a proud time for me as I personally conceived the idea and the title and worked closely with M.Zul to craft the series together. I also coordinate the marketing of it, making use of the valuable advertising and branding experienced I gleamed from four years in the ad industry.

December 2007 – The launch of GUA’s video content on 3G mobile. We opened up a whole new world to cater to existing consumer viewing occasions – people in transit, people in public places, people anywhere without internet access could still access our videos. Another learning experience for me as I’m personally involved in this.

That’s enough of highlights in seven months. The amount of time, work and money invested has been tremendous but we’re only just beginning to see the fruits of it appear. This is the place to get all the info as I experience and analyze it.

Like Steve Jobs once famously said: ‘The Journey is the Reward!’ Well, I’m just getting started I think.


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